If you have contributed to Wildlife Photographic then we are extremely grateful! We also hope that by being featured in our magazine, you are happy with the exposure this has given your business. Wildlife Photographic is the only dedicated wildlife photography magazine available on Apple’s newsstand and this of course provides our contributors an excellent platform to showcase their photography and services to a very targeted market. Not all of our contributors are full time professionals though, and many treat their photography as a passionate hobby. In this case we simply hope that you are thrilled to see your images and/or articles published in our magazine.

There is one more thing we would ask in order to help spread the word of our fantastic magazine. Please click the link below and let all your Twitter followers know that you have been featured in Wildlife Photographic! After clicking this link you will be able to simply hit ‘tweet’, as the text box has already been filled out for you (although you can of course edit and add your own text to the tweet if you would prefer).

Thanks once again and we hope to work with you again in the future.

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