Issue 44: In Pursuit of the Pallas Cat

July / August 2020

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Field Notes: The Arctic Ground Squirrel (Skisik)
by David & Pui Hang Miles
The famous husband-wife team share the story behind taking the magnificent photo of an Arctic ground squirrel or siksik as the Inuit call it. See the setup, the gear they used, and their settings.

Wildlife Photography Tips: Photographing Chimps in Uganda
by Mark A. Fernley
Go with Mark to take a look at the common chimpanzees, which along with the (infamous) bonobo, are human’s closest living relatives.

Wild Cat Photography: In Pursuit of the Pallas Cat
by Joshua Holko
On this expedition diary, Joshua Holko shares his journey across the high steppe regions of Mongolia to photograph the Pallas Cat, the small wild cats that live there–that most people have never heard of, much less seen.

Exotic Bird Photography: The Greater Flamingo
by Jasmine Callen
Journey into the south of France in the Camargue region with Jasmine as she takes pictures of the magnificent indigenous flamingoes.

Editor’s Choice: Reader Submitted Wildlife Photographs:
WP Editor Bill Gozansky reviews and showcases the best reader-submitted wildlife photos from around the world.

Wildlife Photography Tips: Photographing Smaller Creatures
Bill Gozansky reminds us pay attention to the little things in wildlife photography. There’s more out there for us all than the megafauna.

Photo Critiques of Reader Submissions
Award-winning pro wildlife photographer (and WP Editor), Bill Gozansky, shares pro tips and advice on wildlife photos submitted by readers. Learn from others as Bill helps readers take their wildlife photo compositions from good… to great.

African Safari Wildlife Photography: A Once in a Lifetime Wildlife Photography Experience
by Nick Dale
We’re off on an epic 122 Day African Safari with Nick Dale, who’s teaching photography and taking pictures at four lodges in Tanzania owned by “& Beyond” and Cottar’s in Kenya.

Wildlife Photography Gear and Life: 10 Questions
by Gary Meredith
Pro wildlife photographer, Gary Meredith, gives the inside scoop on:

  • the gear he can’t (or won’t) live without
  • what’s inside his camera bag (that’d surprise you)
  • his favorite locations
  • insiders tips
  • the shots that he wishes he captured
  • …and much more!

Supporting Wildlife Conservation:
If you represent a wildlife conservation group and would like to see your organization featured in Wildlife Photographic Magazine, we’d love to hear from you.


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